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Web Governance
Who can do what, how, where, and when.

Because thousands of people have trusted us with their personal information. 99% of security breaches are the result of internal actions and not from external attacks.

Who has control:
Ultimate control is with Bill Acri, President of Auction Depot Limited TM. He has access to and is the only one that can manipulate data for the purpose of sales. One computer is independently operated at an undisclosed location for this purpose. The Merchant facility and shipping documents are processed independently from the Web Based Operation.

The Internet
Web based operation are controlled through an independent programmer. There are no merchant facilities connected to the Internet. Data is only collected by web based operations and there is no facility to process personal data. Personal information is transferred through Verisign's secure transport protocol.

This is an owned operation that processes the orders placed through the Auction Sale. All orders are shipped through UPS or LTL Carrier. There is no point of sale transaction within the warehouse and no company owned internet Email exists here. Computers are not networked together and use various platforms. No employee has access to personal or transaction information.

Customer Access
Customers are only allowed to view and edit their own information. The Auction Depot TM will not respond to requests for password recovery.

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