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Frequently Asked Questions
Amedee: How do I increase a PROXY BID?
The only way we have is by email request. A bidder cannot edit there bid in any way.
Jean: How do I initialised a PROXY BID?
You dont initialize it, it happens by default. if you bid more than what is required the program will assume a proxy and increment your bid up during the sale until the proxy amount is out bid or the sale ends.
Jeff: Could you tell me approximately how much the average P2 or P3 (ie: HP Kayak or Vectra) weighs ? I am trying to calculate shipping costs.
Computers are shipped at $35 in Canada and $45 to the USA. If these are very large such as a workstation (Dell Precision) we add $10 - $20 for each. Some of the even larger workstation are shipped on a pallet at $300 to the US.
Bernard: I receive the three machines, one of them is not working, I would like it replaced.
Make sure the all the cards and CPU are firmly seated in the slots. Shipping can cause them to come loose and stop the computer.

Reply: you were right the machine is working correctly now. Thanks

Oswald: Where is the Security Code?
Please enter the last 3 digits of the security code on the signature strip on your credit card. If using an American Express card, please enter the 4 digits on the front of your card.
Oswald: You should provide HTTPS for people passing credit card numbers

Security: Your information is sent with security.

We submit Forms through HTTPS security, the actual form is not required to be secure before it is submitted.

The reason is:

If we had sent the form through security, which is not required, this slows down the response time and since we want to remove all unnecessary steps to a successful bid we choose not to secure the form that we sent, but we secure the submission of the form that you send to us.

The secure submission is ON when you send personnel info from the bid form and when a customer edits their existing personnel information. I have seen many sites that send a secure form only to submit it without security, talk about misleading the public.

Steve: I'm looking to buy between 10 and 20 used machines to implement in the computer lab at school and I'm wondering if there's some way I could do that directly through you instead of going through the whole auction thing.
We send systems like what you need all over North America. and do it through the Auction Process. There is a good reason to use the Auction versus direct sales,

When you bid you have provided us with all your shipping and billing information. The product you have bid on is available for immediate fulfillment (no waiting).

We now have full documentation for this purchase. Any service issues are trivial for us to provide as we can send further product, track your shipment, provide credits to you account, etc.

To go outside of this process would multiply the complexity and potential errors with your Transaction. After 5 years of Internet sales we have found that going outside of the Auction Sale leads to complexity that we are not prepared to handle.

Jeff: what does the abbreviation "SND" stand for?
RAM - Random Access Memory (default size in MB)
SND - Sound
USB - Universal Serial Bus
CDRW - CD-ROM Read, writer
NIC - Network Interface Card
W95 - OS Windows 95
COA - Certificate of Authentication.
IDE - Input/Output Device Controller Type 40 pin
SCSI - Input/Output Device, Small Computer Interface. 50 Narrow, 68 wide or 80 pin
RAID - Redundant Array, SCSI Device Controller (Multiple Hard Drive)
MB - Mega Byte
GB or G - Giga Byte (109)
MHz - Mega Hertz (106)
GHz - Giga Hertz (109)
SCA - A SCSI Hard Drive with a Single Connector Adaptor, 80 pin. for Hot Swap.

Example Abstacts
Manufacturer/Model/Processor/RAM/Hard Drive/Features....../Operating System
Compaq Deskpro 6000 200MHZ 32/1.0g/SCSI/NIC/SND/CD/W95

DeLayne: I forgot my user name and password. Could you send it to me please?
We as policy don't respond to password requests, this forces our customers to change their ID and create current customer information.

Since credit card information expires and addresses change this helps maintain the integrity of our data.

By not responding to password request this protects our customers from any would be poachers acquiring information. We don't subscribed to the response query method of acquiring existing passwords. This is just another possible means for breaching your security.

Max: I bid twice on the Compaq notebooks machines. One at 150.00 and one at 160.00shouldn't I be getting both machines? I thought I would have bumped the other bidder?
Here are the bids as recieved for 2 only laptops:
1. smpy 301244652919176 30_CPQ430cx 06/17/1999 06:42:12 $150
2. MRE 30124738378280 30_CPQ430cx 06/17/1999 14:17:18 $150
3. MRE 30124739388451 30_CPQ430cx 06/17/1999 14:18:58 $160

You basically bid twice in a row at $150 and then $160.You out bid yourself because the first bid of $150 has priority over your later bid of $150, if you had originally bid $155, you would have had priority over the first bidder and then bid 160 to have both bids remain.

The priority for bidding is, (if bids are equal)
1. highest and most quantity and oldest
2. most quantity and oldest
3. oldest

If you contact me before the sale closes or the product ships I will remove the duplicate bid and provide the credit.

Bruce: Why do I have to give you my credit card info to bid? I will pay upon entering a successful bid.
This is part of the discipline that we use to insure that the bidders are real. If we did'nt do this then any 13 year old could make stupid bids and corrupt the whole process. Nothing like putting your money on the line to keep everybody honest.
Enabrin: You state that you charge $125us each for shipping, handling and customs for a 21 inch monitor. If you could break down the individual costs for each process, that would be helpful in illustrating why it costs so much.
We receive these used monitors on Skids, they are not in boxes.UPS does not provide insurance on damage for these products, (believe it or not) only loss.If it is smashed in shipping we pay. When they arrive you will see that they are craddled in styrofoam which is cut by hand.(the alternative Foam injection or bubble wrap is not sufficient to protect a 100lb 21 inch monitor).I have lost too many of these monitors to damage to cut corners on the packaging.You are not alone in your protestations about shipping, but our policy is to charge what is costsbased on experience. I Tried shipping these for $100 and we blew our brains out.View this link to see why we spend the effort to package in Styrofoam craddles (-UPS illustration-)
Enabrin: I just checked the UPS Tracking Numbers that you issused to me, They appear to be headed for STURICS, MT, US, NOT ME.
They are headed to you, UPS can't handle the consolidated shipping to the US on their web site, so the entire shippment looks like it is going to one location. Hit the Detail button on the UPS Tracking page for the individual details.

How long have you had this auction sale

December of 1996 was when the Auction Depot TM began attracting bidders.
Roger J.

Stop making making our systems autoload back to your page when we hit the back button

I open all the links from the home page in a New window (use your right mouse button, Mac users click and hold) and then bid in this new window or close the new window so that the home page dose not reload. You wont believe how much faster surfing the net becomes!!!!!!!!!! This also works when you are using yahoo to search with.
Fran: I just signed up and bid however I didn't copy my reciept when it was sent to me. I am now getting an unauthorized user message when I try to bid on other products. Please help.
After your first bid, you have enter an ID and Password and it has been accepted.Now when you go back to the Home Page that information is required to SignOn. Even though you just bid we need you to SignOn at this point. After signing on your user information will be automatically entered on your next bids. When you are signed on you will only need to enter an amount to place a bid.

I got a detail sheet with 0 quantity when I tried to bid from the email reply

The sale you are looking for is over.
The Computer Auction is a live Internet auction. We post the Last Call time so users are aware of when the final bidding takes place. We assume that most bidders will be logged into the site for the close of the auction. If you want to be sure to have a chance to rebid, you should logon to the site near the close of the auction and refresh the detail/bid Form for the product you are interested in. This will show you the actual bids real-time. You can rebid even before you are outbid. The server will notice a duplicate bid and will prompted you to increase or duplicate or cancel this new bid. The competition for products is very high as we have hundreds of users signed on the site at the close of the auction and you should expect slower download times.
Ted K:

I had to sign on as a new bidder. I thought this would have been fortuitous since I could have another account that would have another shipping destination. Unfortunately, your registration does not provide for another shipping destination. My company has two locations, and I would like to have some items shipped to the other location to save on time. Is there any way to accommodate this?

When you placed your first bid you entered your customer info on the (Long) Bid Form. This is how you choose your ID and Password. On this form is a field for shipping instructions. If it is filled in it is used to deliver your product, If not we deliver to your billing information. When you |  Sign On  | using your new Password and ID you will have an option to edit this information in the Navigator Bar. The short Bid Form (which is what you see after you have signed on) has a field for shipping instructions. This is unique to each bid placed and used for delivery. If you wish to add alternative instruction to a current bid then email me the information and I will add it to the specific bid for you.
DALLAS: When I attempt to sign in I keep getting Access Denied. Would you please tell me why this is happening ??? Did I do something wrong ??? If there is or was a problem I would like to get things cleared up.. Please advise.
We need some details such as, have you placed a bid using the new Customer Bid Form?This is how we generate your User ID and Password. With your User ID and Password you can go to the Sign On form and have all the features available to a recognized customer.
Sam: Why does it take The Computer Auction 7 days after my successful bid to start shipping the item?And why will it take another 10 days after that to move the phone from Toronto to Mississauga, especially considering that you're charging $US10 (or $Cdn14) for shipping?
Successful bids are processed and sent for shipping within 1 hour of the close.
Our warehouse has been averaging 1 business day to get the products to the door and on a special courier truck. Most of the product crosses the Border and therefor takes another day. From that point it takes from 3 to 6 days for ground delivery. However we decided to state 3 weeks for delivery to account for delays outside of our control and to lower your expectations only to have the product delivered sooner
Albert: How do I change my credit card number????
We are currently building that facility, but it is not here yet.I think the best solution is to rebid as a new Customer and get a different ID and Password.If you have any difficulty please get back to us.
Bill: I live in Toronto, can I pickup my Computers from your warehouse.
Sorry there are no retail facilities or pickups from the Toronto Warehouse.
James: I have noticed that some bidders are not following the proper increments in bidding. It seems that they will win anyhow. My question is if I bid using the proper increments and following all the rules and someone bids maybe a dollar or more over the prescribed limit who wins? In my mind, I should win. Please let me know.
We alow any bid amount as along as it is more than the lowest bid plus the increment. This is why you see bids that are not multiples of the increment. There is a little bit of strategy going on here and we leave it to you to play with this feature.
Fred: You lowered the quantity during the auction sale, Isn't that unfair?
Yes I have when the vender requests the reduction, but I do not lower the quantity below what is bid on at that time. I have also raise the quantities and added more new products during the sale, so it behooves you to check back often to see the new products as the auction progresses.
Kevin: Help I placed the wrong amount for a bid.
Just explain what you did and what you wanted to do and I will do my best to correct your bid. All sales are final unless I intervene on your behalf. The problem with email is that it can get hung up and my response may not be as fast as you like. The answer to your question is yes we can help provided we have the time to intercede.

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