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How to Bid
The Auction Depot Limited TM

We have 2 sites for bidding, One for known Bidders with ID's and PW's and one for New Bidders. Our known Bidders can use the | Sign On  | link that will ask for their authentication.

Assuming that you are a new Bidder:

  1. Start at the Home page and select a Product

Once you select a product, a Product Detail sheet will be displayed. This sheet contains information on the product available including:
  • Quantity available
  • Minimum bid and bid increment
  • Vendor name
  • Last call for bids
  • Currently winning bids

To make a bid as a New Bidder, click on the button. This will display the Bid Form. The Bid Form has the same details as the detail sheet and requires the following information to place a bid. The information that you put on this Form is secure.
  • As a New Bidder you must complete the Long Form as following:
    • First Name / Last Name
    • Billing Address - No P.O. Boxes unless you can specify an address in the Shipping Instructions.
    • City / State-Prov./ Country
    • Zip/Postal Code
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number / Fax Number / Evening Phone
    • The Long From is divided into the required and optional information
    • In the Optional Information you are encouraged to specify Shipping Instructions. Products cannot be shipped to military APO's. This field can be used to describe the specific use for the product for example memory and help the vender meet your expectations.

Once you have completed the Bid Form, click on the button. If you are missing information, or some of the information is incorrect, you will see a page which describes the error. Otherwise, if your bid is accepted, a page will be displayed with all bid details. Please print this for your records. Note our service will interpret a higher then required bid as a Proxy and increment it to the best possible amount in your favour.
  • If you have placed a bid in a previous auction you can do the following
    • | Sign On  | with your choosen ID and PassWord.
    • Insert the Bid Price and quantity in the Short Form
    • Add any shipping instructions if different from the billing address
    • If you have lost your authentication justbid as a new customer to get another.
    • If access is denied we have deleted expired information.

The server will notice a duplicate bid and you will be prompted to duplicate or cancel this new bid.

Email is not sent to you if you are outbid.

Email is sent to you if your bid is successful.

Email is not reliable and you should visit the Auction Depot TM for an update in the Bid Results.

The Auction Depot TM is a live internet auction. We post the last call so users are aware of when the final bidding takes place. If you want to be sure to have a chance to rebid, you should logon at 10PM and refresh the Home or Detail page that you are interested in. Depending on the load the sale will run on for 10 to 20 minutes after 10PM. You can rebid at any time until the sale roles.

After the sale has rolled you may confirm your |   Bid Results  |. Just select the date (sorted by day) of the sale in the drop down menu and you will be able to see the top bids for that date. Note: these results don't reflect the status your credit card authorization.

That's it! Please have fun bidding at The Auction Depot TM.

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