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The Auction Depot TM uses HTTPS protocol to encrypt bids and personal information for security. Information transmitted is encrypted using an RSA 40-bit certificate.

The following indicators ensure your information is secure

  1. The browser has a certificate attached to it which can be viewed from the Frame Info (in Netscape) or Properties (Internet Explorer)
  2. Your browser will display a security notice when you are receiving a secure page
  3. Also an icon will appear in your browser. For example in Netscape or in Microsoft Internet Explorer
  4. It is the source code that submits your information through security. The only way to confirm this is by viewing the source code in the document before submitting or seeing the secure page after submitting. In the location bar security will be illustrated on the returned page as having the https prefix.

    Example source code for the Auction Depot TM:
    form name="theform" method="post" action="https://www.auctiondepot.com/2/main_ad/newbid1.tmpl"

You can confirm that a form is being sent secure by submitting it without information, the resulting page will be returned with the Blue Border, hence it was sent with security. There is no other way to confirm that there is security. The Blue Border on a page dose not mean that you are sending through security, it only means what was already Sent was secure! This is why you don't see a border on our forms, but you will see them on the reply page.

The Certificate will look like the following:

This Certificate belongs to: This Certificate was issued by:
www.auctiondepot.com Secure Server Certification Authority
Sales RSA Data Security, Inc.
The Computer Auction Limited US
Williamsville, New York, USA

Serial Number: 7C:D0:C6:45:60:92:CD:A6:31:22:B1:E7:FF:7E:1E:DD
This Certificate is valid from February 23, 2010 to February 26, 2013
Certificate Fingerprint:

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