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Customer Service

Zero Insertion Force !
Please feel free to contact us by email or write to The Auction Depot Limited
In Canada
1001 Petrolia Road
Toronto, Ontario,
M3J 2X7
Phone: (647) 347 1933

Warranty provisions provided on the Detail Sheet supersede those contained on this page. If you would like more information then please send an Email to us.

All products are covered with a 60 day return to Depot warranty. This warranty does cover shipping damage from the courier. All sales are final subject to warranty provisions. We will repair, replace or refund the purchase within 60 days. The customer is responsible for return freight charges. We will pay for shipping back to the customer provided that a defect exists. You are encouraged to email us to clarify your warranty concerns. Please allow 20 days to resolve your warranty issue. Please note that each unit is shipped individually, and charged separately for shipping and handling

Products that are not found to be defective will be returned with an additional charge for service inspection and shipping, software related issues are not covered by warranty.

For your convenience we have set up the customer service department to respond by email. When contacting us by Email please include at least you Name and product description. The important details about your bid will be found on any email that we have sent to you during the bidding process. Please copy those details (if available) into your email to us.

All the products, sold by the Auction Depot Limited, are from on hand inventories. Products are not drop shipped or sold on consignment from or for other venders.

This is an example of how we contain our pleasure to serve our customers

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