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Crosby Shackle G-209 /1 1/2 /WLL 17 Tons

Total Quantity Available: 4 Supplier of this product: The Auction Depot Limited
Bid Increment (US): $5 Last call on or after: 11/26/2016 10:00pm EST
Minimum Bid (US): $ 25 Current Time: 04/20/2019 13:57:33

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Name Location Bid (US) Quantity Bid Time
HS Montreal, Quebec $25 1 11/06/2015 21:41:07 EST

Shipped from Toronto

Crosby Shackle G-209 /1 1/2 /WLL 17 Tons

Clean Condition

Product Specs
Features: Crosby Shackle G-209
Screw pin anchor shackle design made out of carbon steel with a headbolt in alloy steel.
Every shackle comes complete with pin.
The stock code for this product is 05A0320
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